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  • Vanessa M

Frame For Your Art Or For The Space?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I often get customers who come in and they show me pictures of their room and they show me where the art's going to hang and they say, “I want it to match everything”. That's great, I love working with that, it's such helpful data to get from somebody but on the flip side I want to make sure what looks best is the art and the frame because you can change the style of your room. You can move the artwork to another room where the style could be completely different. So, I like to make sure that whatever frame we choose enhances the art! Whether we are doing a mat, a frame, a fillet, even to what type of glass can add characteristic to the overall project and it must make the art look good. I don't want to know that your frame makes your bed look good I want to know that your frame looks good hanging near your bed!


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