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How To Create A Collage Art Wall

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

One thing we see a lot of allover Pinterest is a gallery wall or a collage wall. Whether it's family pictures or family pictures mixed with like little pieces of artwork or if it's only just little pieces of artwork, maybe you have like a travel wall of a postcard you picked up from everywhere you went, these don't all have to be framed the same you can frame them all so that they look good together, but they don't have to be the same. They're better if they're not the same because then your eye can break them up individually and it makes more of a focal point. Then once you've got the framing done how do you hang it? You don't want to put a billion holes in your wall because what if you put two things up and you don't love it? The trick is- get some paper. Invest in a big role of paper and trace the exact size of the exact pieces that you're going to be hanging. Draw a little stupid goofy drawing of which picture is and then get some sticky tape (not really sticky stuff because you want it to come off without tearing your paint) and put these up and then move them around as you see fit. Do not put any holes in your wall until you're solid, you're set, this is what we're doing! You've had two girlfriends over you've got a glass of wine each. You called your boyfriend over to help. Your mom and dad. Just get somebody else's opinion before you go making those holes in your walls.

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