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How To Pick A Mat

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

When it comes to designing a frame for your art one of the options is the matting and we will work with you and specific pieces of art to decide what works best. We’ll talk about traditional matting and that is where you take the board you cut a window out and you put it on top of the artwork. We can do one mat, we can do two mats, we can do ten mats even if you want whatever makes the art look best. Each mat gets cut with what's called a bevel, so it's a diagonal edge that draws your eye into the artwork and we like to do sometimes colors. Sometimes we can do 10 white mats, just whatever enhances the art. What I like to do is take a neutral mat on the outside, something that's kind of neutral to the art or maybe just a plain white, sometimes a navy blue is kind of neutral to the art and then if we're doing more than one mat, I’d like to take an inner mat that will accentuate some part of the artwork. Whether it's something that like screams out most to you or your favorite part of the artwork or even just from our perspective would be the thing that would make the frame look the best.

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