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  • Melissa Sherman-McNulty

What Does Archival Mean?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

At The Picture Framing Co., we only do archival picture framing. What that means is the materials we use right up against your artwork are specifically made to protect the art. We have boards that go behind the art that absorb acidity and acidity comes just naturally in paper. The mat boards we put on top of the art as well absorb acidity on top of that we put glass and we use a uv protective glass, and that helps the art withstand uva and uvb rays. The nice thing about that is it keeps your art from fading there could be some fading from not uva and uvb rays but we've got you covered on the uva and uvb rays which are the worst ones. And it'll keep it from fading, reds fade your fastest blues will be the color left Behind. And i don't know have you ever had a piece of artwork that you loved and you hung it up one day and you went back and looked at it like four years later and something happened to it? That's usually fading. You can look at a mat board and, it's called the bevel - the little line that's cut on the mat board at an angle that's sitting next to the artwork, and if that's brown that's called acidity and that's an acid burn and that's usually an indicator of something happening as well to your artwork. We use all archival framing so that you don't get that (acid burn) and you get a much nicer picture for much longer.

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