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Which Glass Should You Use For Your Artwork?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In my shops we have glass display boards which show the multiple different varieties of glass that we offer. We have your regular glass and one step up from that, not even one step up it's actually a lot steps up, is a uv protective glass. Normal glass will protect your artwork with about 30 percent uv protection. It's okay, it's not what I like to use. I like to use the uv glass minimally because that offers 97% uv protection against uva and uvb rays. Up from that is museum glass. This is the Rolls Royce of glass. It is uv protective 99.5% uv protective and it's also got a quality of being anti-reflective. Now this isn't non-reflective we offer that as well non-reflective glass gives you kind of like a foggy look but anti-reflective doesn't absorb the light the same way normal glass does. So, you look at it and you literally can't see glass, it's amazing and all of those options as well come in plexi. The benefit of plexi is if it drops from the wall, it's not going to shatter like a glass. And all these are available at our store.

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