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Why Is It Better To Use An Independent Custom Picture Framer?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I’m going to touch on something I’ve touched on a little bit before and it is the value of going to an independent framer and I’m going to mix that with the cost of framing. So you have this art that you love and you take it to a framer. You pick out a wonderful frame and you hear the price, I get this all the time, "why is it so expensive?". A lot goes into making a frame, but let's say you've gotten over that, now you've worked with a person and you picked this most amazing frame and you hang it on your wall and you go back to it 20 years later and you are still so happy in love with what you picked. You go to a big box person you get somebody who gets you know $14-$15 an hour to do their job they help you pick a frame you look at it, you're happy it's in a frame, you put it on the wall. Three years later you're like it's just lacking like it doesn't do anything for the art you you've got to make it look good once. You don't want to spend money on it more than one time. It's not cheap it's not the most expensive thing you're ever going to spend your money on but their value is in doing it right the first time. It's so important because you're framing a memory of a time. You're framing a piece of artwork you love. Something somebody gave you, an heirloom, you want to frame it one time and you want to love it forever. You don't want to not love it forever.

I get so happy when clients I’ve had for over 15 years come to me and they say, "remember that first piece we did together? I still love it! Still looks good!". That's what we're going for!

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