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Why We Don't Recommend Chain Store Picture Framers

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Why would you pick an independent framer over a big box store? The reason is simple, if you go to an independent framer odds are they've been in the industry for a heck of a long time! They've done nothing but framing, they've been in the art world, they've worked as a framer in high school, something of that nature. They have invested aesthetics in picture framing. When you go to a big box store, I’m not going to name names, but they're out there and what you're going to get is a hired retail person, somebody who the manager taught quick how to do framing and they're not going to be as Invested as an independent guy. They're not going to be concerned that their name is forever going to be hung with this frame that they chose. Whereas you go to an independent guy and they're always going to be concerned that you're going to tell your friends, “Well, I got this done at so and so”… they want you to be happy and proud! It has to look good because their name is always going to be in connection to it.

When you go to buy a ready-made frame, you're not going to be as happy either because you're going to have to get a, frame doesn't matter size-wise, you're going to fit your art to the frame and I’ve got paper bags that are thicker than the glass on those frames so it's not good quality and it's not for the best of the art world.

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